Within Reason…

Within Reason…

Have you ever sworn off a food or beverage altogether with success…for a limited time? In most cases the deprivation can result in overindulgence when a stressful moment or the temptation grows too great. Afterwards, the shame and guilt set in. It’s a bummer and a nasty cycle. 

There is research and psychology regarding the depth to why we crave certain foods during various moments of life, such as celebration or grief. In light of this, we prefer an all-inclusive approach and healthy view of food for what it is and what it provides our bodies. 

This week, we’d like to highlight the “treats” in your diet and encourage you to choose 1-3 favorite foods and drinks that don’t score very high on the nutrition charts, but are near and dear to your heart. With those in mind, focus on the frequency and portion sizes that are reasonable and then grant yourself permission to enjoy those food and drinks guilt-free.

What foods and drinks have wiggled their way into your heart and would you like to enjoy within reason?


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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