Winterize your Activities

Winterize your Activities

Is the early morning and early evening darkness weighing you down? If you need to add a little pep in your step, but still want to get outside check out these safety tips from the active brand, Brooks.


  1. No Headphones. Or consider using a single earbud so outside noises are audible.
  2. ID Yourself. An ID bracelet or a driver’s license – just in case.
  3. Give Others a Heads-Up. Let others know when you’ll run and what route.
  4. Have a Run Buddy. Run with friends or your dog.
  5. Take Your Phone. For calls or GPS tracking apps.
  6. Learn Your Routes. Run familiar, well-lit routes. And vary your routes and run times.
  7. Invest in Reflective Clothing. Show up in eye-catching fluorescence and light-reflecting material – just in case.
  8. Face Traffic. Run against traffic so drivers see you. And you see them.
  9. Examine Your Surroundings. Be aware of your running environment and potential obstacles.


Do you enjoy running or walking outside? If so, share your hobby with your fellow boot campers and maybe you’ll find a running buddy at your next workout. Have fun and stay safe!

Next workout, ask your coach about their favorite time management tip and then go around the horn and share yours with the group. Take a deep breath and enjoy the season!

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