What is your why?

What is your why?

You probably know that eating a healthy, balanced diet is a good idea. However, you might also know that healthy eating requires time, planning, and preparation. While the effort of fueling your body with proper nutrition pays dividends, knowing these things and believing that these benefits are worth it to you are two different thoughts. In order to move from awareness to action, it is important to identify your why. Why do you want to put forth the effort to eat healthy?

A few benefits of healthy eating include:

  • Disease prevention – eating to prevent diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).
  • Disease management – eating to control blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, gout, Chron’s, celiac’s, GERD
  • Managing your energy – fighting the lunchtime siesta, avoiding blood sugar spikes and drops
  • Productivity – improved brain function, mental clarity, and focus
  • Self-confidence – weight management, body image, self-esteem, skin care
  • Physical ability – fueling for performance for your favorite activities

While the reasons above are wonderful, can we take this to an even more personal level and identify the reasons that hit closest to home for you in regards to being in your best health. Maybe being able to enjoy adventures and make memories with your family and friends is important. Or perhaps waking up and not feeling like your body just got jumped is important. The food we eat can play a critical role in how we feel inside and out.

This week, identify your why. Next week, we’ll get into nutrition tips and resources to set you up for success.


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