No matter where you are in your journey towards your health and fitness goals, it is important to celebrate the wins, big and small. And while there may be lots to be grateful for, it’s not uncommon to feel stuck or challenged in a certain area. When this is the case, we encourage you to reach out for support to get over the hump. Sometimes a brainstorm with a friend or family member can provide clarity and guidance to hit reset and tackle the stumbling block. Talk therapy is a thing for a reason, right?

This week, let’s troubleshoot a few issues that may be rearing their heads and preventing you from reaching your goals.

  • Lack of motivation. It’s no surprise that the ebbs and flows of life can dictate our priorities. And when life gets crazy and we find ourselves begrudgingly going through the motions or slow to get back on track with healthy habits, it’s time to hit pause and assess what we’re trying to achieve and why. Then after you discover your what and why, it’s time to tell someone you trust about it.
  • Late night snacking/drinking. If you find yourself sticking to the game plan from 7am-7pm, but throwing balance out of the window in the late hours of the night, then it’s time to track and assess your movement and eating habits from 7am-7pm and figure out what’s missing. In addition to evaluating your intake/output, checking in with your current state of mind is crucial. Stress, boredom, loneliness, etc. can contribute to craving those comforting carbohydrates or numbing drinks. However, overdoing food/drink at night could also be simply out of habit. Do you remember having a snack or eating cereal while watching Saturday morning cartoons or the news? It’s possible your brain is wired to associate the TV lights with satisfying your stomach with mindless eating. If it is a habit, try drinking some tea, munching on some veggies, or ditching the hand-to-mouth habit altogether for a week and see how it goes.
  • Tired of meal planning. If you are dreading looking up recipes, try simplifying your meals to ease the brainpower required. Think in terms of this formula: protein, carb, veggie for every meal, and write things down. Simply writing down and categorizing favorite meals can make planning a quick habit because you’re able to point and plan with tried and true recipes.
  • Not seeing results. When you’re “doing all the right things,” but not yielding the results you are hoping for, it’s time to evaluate your goals. If they are reasonable, healthy, and attainable, it might be worth adjusting your workout types and frequency or macronutrient distribution. If you haven’t kept a food journal, now is a good time to start.

Homework: Schedule 15 minutes today or tomorrow to sit with yourself or a friend/family member and honestly assess where you’re at with your wellness goals. Map out a game plan to stay on track or strategize to overcome an area of struggle. You’ve got this!

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By Victoria Emmitt RD

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