To change your body you must change your behavior.

To change your body you must change your behavior.

What I love about health and fitness goals is that they are personal. Even when two people have a similar goal, there are unique strategies because every body is different. What’s more is that our opinion or goal preferences can differ greatly.

When we’re talking about physique goals that are more appearance driven, Precision Nutrition shares two things to consider:

1. If you want to make further changes to your body, you’ll need to make further changes to your behaviors. 

2. The leaner you want to get, the more of your behaviors you’ll have to change. 

It would be lovely if only exercise mattered when shaping our body, but we know the food we eat, stress management, sleep quality, hormones, and other factors all have their share of influence on how our body looks. Wild, right?!

We know that the label on a bottle of supplements openly states that the product works best with diet and exercise. Isn’t that funny? We likely already know that to be true, but taking a supplement is so much easier than committing to consistent healthy habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle. 

Reflection time:

Besides taking a supplement, what are some of the ways you have strived to optimize the look of your body? Do you have any goals that are more about your appearance? Have you weighed the effort and reward that comes with achieving that goal? 


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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