Stress Free Holidays?

Stress Free Holidays?

With the holidays in full swing, we hope you’ve been able to strike a balance between healthy habits in your home and work life. Even if you’re on a roll, it doesn’t hurt to review simple time management tips that might complement your current routine or spur a new practice to add into your day.


Here are 7 Simple Time Management Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season from Inc.

  1. Get offline.
  2. Use your auto-responder.
  3. Schedule smart.
  4. Establish boundaries and say no.
  5. Know your productivity cycle.
  6. Choose a realistic number of tasks to complete; stick to them.
  7. Ink it when you think it.


Next workout, ask your coach about their favorite time management tip and then go around the horn and share yours with the group. Take a deep breath and enjoy the season!


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