Stick a Fork in me!

Stick a Fork in me!

Stick a fork in me!


“Stick a fork in me because I’m done.” Sound familiar? It’s a popular saying about an interesting concept. Fullness. In the field of nutrition, there are many resources to counteract overeating and support proper portion sizes along with mindful and intuitive eating. These ideas are critical in establishing a healthy relationship with food, balance of nutrients, and promoting weight management.


Some of the tips you will read on the topic include questions such as:


  1. Are you hydrated? This is important because sometimes our body is actually thirsty…not hungry. Drinking water before a meal and waiting about 15 minutes is also a popular tip.
  2. Do you know what one serving or portion looks like? Often times our eyes are bigger than our stomachs and we overestimate/serve food. Then we feel obligated to “clean our plate” and we run into problems with our portions or getting seconds. Pull out a measuring cup and check yourself.
  3. Am I hungry? Asking yourself this question on a regular basis is very, very eye-opening. It can help us be vulnerable to ourselves and discover if we’re eating because we’re actually hungry OR if we’re eating because of emotions (happy, mad, sad, stressed, frustrated, bored, etc.). For more on this loaded question, visit You’ll be glad you did!


So, how does your body know you are full? Great question! There just so happens to be a TED Ed video on precisely that. Watch and learn from it here:


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