Staying Active during the holidays

Staying Active during the holidays

How was your Thanksgiving? We hope it was wonderful and we’re excited that you’re carving out time during this holiday season to be intentional about your fitness and wellness. 


As Sarah has said before, “Motion is lotion,” so being consistent with physical activity this time of year is critical. Our bodies feel best when they’re used to being active. With that being said, in addition to joining us at boot camp workouts, decide on ONE way you can get more movement into your daily routines this month. Need some ideas? Here are a few tips from Very Well Fit for keeping daily movement a priority – even if you’re traveling during the holidays.


The article is short and sweet, but shares some great ideas related to the bullets below:

  • Plan ahead.
  • Get prepared.
  • Use every opportunity.
  • Holiday workouts.


Hopefully these tips are friendly reminders that keeping the balance between food and movement, despite holiday festivities, is possible – not always easy, but possible. Recruiting a family member, friend, or co-worker to exercise with can be a huge encouragement (and accountability tool). Additionally, scheduling an activity you enjoy (or even semi-enjoy) would be a major bonus. 


We hope you hustle after your best health this holiday season and if you need a little help, we’re happy to provide physical activity suggestions depending on your health goals.



by Victoria Emmitt RD

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