Smart and Healthy Grocery Shopping

Smart and Healthy Grocery Shopping


Are you the main grocery shopper and meal maker for your household? If the answer is yes, do you shop with a grocery list (and stick to it) the majority of the time? Stick to it?! Technicalities, am I right?!


Here are tips to consider to stay on track with your healthy eating goals.


  • Plan ahead. Think ahead for a few meals and snacks, jot them down, and make your list, then save it for later.
  • Buy produce seasonally and locally. We’re fortunate to live in a health conscious community with many options when it comes to sourcing locally and budget-friendly. Incorporate fruits and veggies that are in season into your meal and snack planning.
  • Shopping options. We have lots of options in town for grocery shopping. You may find that you have to hit more than one store to get everything you want and need for preferences and budget. Plan out your shopping days and knock it out or try online grocery shopping for a little help.
  • Bulking up. Not muscularly in this case. Compare price per unit on favorite items at grocery vs. warehouse stores to find out what makes most sense. Don’t forget that expiration dates and storage space are important to consider.
  • Love leftovers. Makeover your leftovers by tossing them into a salad, bowl, soup, wrap, etc. Rather than cooking a meal to feed you once, consider how you can revamp leftovers to enjoy again and maybe even again.


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