Small and Achievable

Small and Achievable

It’s the little things


It is easy to believe that achieving big goals can only be achieved by making big sacrifices. Big = big, right? What if those big goals could be reached by making several small, daily changes that total life-long healthy habits, which in turn lead to success. Whether it’s using the bathroom on the floor above every day, waking up 15 minutes earlier to get in a bonus strength and stretch workout, or food prepping snacks each evening to enjoy at work and also prepping a snack to munch on upon arrival at home after work before dinner is actually ready.


According to an article in Psychology Today, you make roughly 35,000 choices per day. It also estimated that if 7 hours of your day are sleeping then that averages out to about 2,000 choices per waking hour. Is your mind blown yet? Even if that’s an overestimate, I’d say there is plenty of room to plan and dedicate a handful or two of those choices to nudge us in a healthy direction as they relate to our diet and exercise each day. And rather than making an overhaul of our lifestyle or cutting out an entire food group to follow a popular diet, take small steps in a direction that moves you closer to your personal goals. You might be surprised what your consistent, humble effort can produce.


Since we’re aiming for small and achievable, many of the recipes this week can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. Enjoy!


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