Sleep Health

Sleep Health

We are wrapping up our self-assessment series and as we focus on recovery, the final topic of self-assessment is sleep and rest.

Talk about two of the most seemingly simple and necessary practices. Sleep hygiene and self-care tips have risen in popularity over the past few years because finding your regimen of both can be tricky, but is absolutely of the utmost importance for your healthiest self.

For more information about how sleep affects your physical health, check out this article. 

It’s time to pause and rate yourself using a simple scale of 1-5. A rating of one means, “needs improvement” and a rating of five means, “doing great.” 

Today’s question. If I’m honest with myself:

  • How do I rate my satisfaction with my quality of sleep? 
  • How happy am I with the frequency and types of self-care activities I engage in?

Bonus: What can I celebrate and be proud of about sleep hygiene and self-care skills?


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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