Short On Time

Short On Time

The theme for this post is being short on time, so let’s jump right in. For most people, the week flows smoother when meals are planned and groceries have been shopped for and are on hand. It’s magical. However, life happens and this ideal can be hard to live out. So, what can you do when you want to fuel your body with nutritious foods, but don’t have the time or desire to prep and cook your meals? Here are a few ideas to help you in a pinch.

  • If you know in advance, that grocery shopping is going to be tough to fit into your schedule, consider ordering groceries online for curbside pickup. This service can be free or offered for a fee.
  • Pit stop at the grocery store for a quick meal such as: 
    • Home Chef boxed meals
    • Rotisserie chicken, bagged salad, black beans or ready-made side from deli
      • Bagged salads or pre-chopped fresh or frozen veggies are a huge time saver. 
    • Frozen meal – for most people, keep an eye out for the sodium content of the meal you choose. A guide is usually 300-600 mg of sodium, since the daily recommendation is 1,500-2,300 mg per day depending on health status and goals.
      • Frozen meals have come a long way in flash freezing technology, taste, and nutrition. These aren’t the original TV dinners of the past, so it’s not a bad idea to keep these on hand. Adding a veggie side is always a great idea.
  • Order from a “build your own” type restaurant: Chipotle, Tokyo Joe’s, Qdoba, Illegal Pete’s, etc. 
    • Using our protein, carbohydrate, veggie meal planning template, you can stick close to your goals.
  • If you can’t build your own while eating out, here are 7 Tips for Dining Out.

Exercise/Workout Spotlight: Core exercise

The Mayo Clinic shares:

Core exercises improve your balance and stability

Core exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. This leads to better balance and stability, whether on the playing field or in daily activities. For example, using free weights in a manner that involves maintaining a stable trunk can train and strengthen several of your muscles, including your core muscles.Read the full article here.

by Victoria Emmitt RD

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