Self Evaluation

Self Evaluation

Another session of boot camp is in the books and we’re glad you chose to workout with us! During our short break before next session, we encourage you to take time to check in with yourself and feel how things are going for you.


Self-evaluation time! Since the first week of boot camp have you noticed any differences in the following areas:

  • Energy levels
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Stress level
  • Sleep quality
  • Body composition
  • Exercise motivation


Those are only a few examples and you might have another way of tracking your progress towards your healthiest self. We’d love to hear your story when we meet again next session!


While you wait for our next session to kick off, consider taking the week to focus on your nutrition and brainstorm about one thing you hope to get out of your hard work over the next seven weeks of workouts.


We’ll see you soon!

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