Schools out for summer!

Schools out for summer!

Healthy Traveling Tips

School’s out for summer! Do you remember what it felt like to be on summer break from school?! Pure joy. Despite not being on a three month break from work, hopefully you are planning to take advantage of sweet vacation time throughout the season. As you plan trips near and far, here are a healthy tips to consider:

    1. Stay hydrated. If you plan on playing outside, hopping on a plane, or hitting the road, don’t forget to take your trusty water bottle with you. Physical activity, temperature, level of humidity in the air, and altitude can affect your hydration status.
    2. Eat the rainbow. June means the start of the season for many fruit and veggies. Not only do fruits and veggies provide your body with an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but they taste delicious too. Remember to eat a variety of them and prepare them in various ways to bring out different flavors. Take a peek at what’s in season using this nifty crop calendar. Enjoy nature’s candy (fruit, of course) all summer long. (Pro tip: check out this smooth way of cutting up a watermelon. You’re welcome!)  
    3. Take workouts with you. Even if boot camp has to miss you while you travel, plan on staying physically active on your summer adventure. From hikes to bike rides, there are a multitude of fun ways to keep your body moving based on your vacation choice. If it’s really tough to find something, hop on the internet and get in a yoga sesh or quick workout using workout apps or website such as 7 Minute Workout (app),, or
    4. Lather up. The Colorado sun can pack a punch, so don’t let your skin get knocked out (or burnt up) this summer. In addition to spending time in the shade and wearing sunglasses, be sure to keep sunscreen on hand. The Cleveland Clinic outlines great information on sunscreen basics for you here.


  • Avoid bug bites. Don’t freak out, but bugs can spread diseases and they tend to take residence in many of the fun places we like to visit in the summer. For this reason, be sure to protect yourself from those little guys (and gals) by using insect repellent, covering exposed skin, and taking other appropriate precautions. Learn more about preventing bug bites from the CDC on this website.
  • Wash your hands often. This one is self-explanatory. No one wants to get sick during a trip or vacation, so wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you don’t have access to soap and water. When you’re done, give yourself a high five!



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