I don’t know about you, but I was surprised to learn at how popular September is for setting new (and often more realistic than a New Year resolution) goals. Seriously shocking! The more I read articles about why, the more it makes sense to me now. 


Maybe you’ve been out of school for too many years to count so “summer” conjures only thoughts about the weather instead of a break and “back to school” simply means more traffic and college students. Or maybe you’ve got kiddos in school, so both of these times of year are significant and busy. Either way, the hot weather will eventually be a thing of the past and the leaves will start changing and falling signifying a new season is upon us. We can’t fight it, so might as well jump aboard the ship of change and use this transition as fuel to achieving personal goals.


Since I seem to be very late to the “September is the start of goal crushing season” party, I highly suggest reading this article by NBC News, “September is the new January: Here’s how to set and tackle big goals this fall.” The article shares great and helpful information regarding each bullet point below.


  • Reflect on what matters to you and use the ‘SMART’ approach
  • Swap the goals based on ‘shoulds’ for those based on wants/needs
  • Start small and build out from there
  • Commit to positive self-talk – though your brain may resist
  • Be flexible with your goal – it may need adjusting
  • Abide by ‘Grandma’s Law’
  • Enlist an accountability partner
  • Setbacks will happen. Embrace them as part of growth.
  • Celebrate every achievement
  • No big goals? Tackle small annoyances


With ten tips to choose from, I hope one or some of these can propel you to achieve your personal goal. This week at boot camp, let your coach know if there’s a goal on your mind.



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