Resistance training and Cognition

Resistance training and Cognition

There’s more good news this week! As we continue to review the benefits of strength training, we’d like to share a tidbit that you won’t want to forget. Fortunately, we can also help you remember it. Are you ready?

“Resistance training can have substantial impacts on cognition, with neural changes improving cognitive impairment and even cognitive decline.” – Knowing Neurons

Regular exercise such as a consistent strength training routine has protective effects for memory and cognitive decline. Research shows that 70 to 150 minutes of weekly physical activity, such as strength training, lead to improved cognitive abilities for older individuals. Evidence suggests that strength training and other exercises can bolster neuroprotective growth factors, reduce inflammatory markers in the brain, and assist in new brain cell formation. – VeryWell Fit

You see what we did there?! Studies over the years have proved time and again that strength training has a real and positive impact on our brain health. 

It’s a no-brainer, friends. Build muscles and protect your brain by incorporating regular resistance training into your lifestyle.

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By Victoria Emmitt RD


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