Way to go! You did it! As we wrap up our final week of this boot camp session, there is no better time than now to reflect on progress towards wellness goals you may have set for yourself this session. Additionally, you have an opportunity to use next week as a transition week to plan, prep, and organize your habits for optimal nutrition over the long-term.

We are grateful you decided to work out with us this session and look forward to keeping the momentum going next session. In-person (space is very limited) and Zoom live boot camps kick off the week of August 24. We will host a free preview workout at Edora Park on Saturday, August 15 at 8am. Plus, register early and/or refer a friend for a discount. We can’t wait for another great session with each of you!

Exercise/Workout Spotlight: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Here is what the American College of Sports Medicine shares about HIIT.

This type of training involves repeated bouts of high intensity effort followed by varied recovery times.

What are the benefits of HIIT? HIIT training has been shown to improve: 

• aerobic and anaerobic fitness 

• blood pressure

• cardiovascular health 

• insulin sensitivity (which helps the exercising muscles more readily use glucose for fuel to make energy) 

• cholesterol profiles 

• abdominal fat and body weight while maintaining muscle mass

Read more information here.

Core Add-on: 30 sec Hollow Hold

10 plank toe taps

10 cobra pose reps

30 sec side plank each side

10 reps per side wood chop

10 push ups

10 TYI back work reps

30 sec hollow hold

By Victoria Emmitt RD

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