Redefining “Healthy Eating”

Redefining “Healthy Eating”

What does “healthy eating” mean to you? Interestingly, it means a lot of things to a lot of people and naturally it’s defined by one’s individualized health and wellness goals. That should be a huge relief because if you attempt to compare your diet to others, you’ll find someone who eats so much “healthier” and so much worse than you.


Because of this fact of life and to avoid the comparison trap, consider coming up with your own food mission statement or put more simply, food rules. I’d recommend keeping them short and simple. The goal is to have sort of an outline for your style of eating that will help you enjoy the social aspect food provides, but also meet and maintain your health and wellness goals. A total win-win and it is attainable if you (or even your family) have a guide to follow.


Food rules can sound like an odd concept, so if you need some inspiration, check out this great article by a registered dietitian in NYC, Wendy Lopez. She shares the three food rules that she chose for herself to live by.


Congrats on completing 7 weeks of boot camp and we hope to see you back again next session!


By Victoria Emmitt RD




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