Rack those minutes up

Rack those minutes up

If running around this holiday season is throwing a wrench in your usual physical activity habits, this post is to encourage you that every little bit of movement counts. 

There are various recommendations for the optimal amount and types of physical activity for your body. Light, moderate, and vigorous intensities all have their benefits. Flexibility, cardiovascular, and strength workouts can empower you to reach a host of fitness goals. This is great news for anyone who enjoys a mix and match approach to movement. You’ll be hard pressed to get bored or stuck with the same ol’ physical activity.

It’s tempting to get discouraged about not being able to commit to an hour of working out, but please don’t throw in the towel. It turns out, physical activity is more equal opportunity than most of us think. If you’re able to get your heart rate up, blood pumping, and muscles engaged, you’re crushing it and your body will notice.  So call them mini workouts or short bursts of exercise movements incorporated into your day. Either way, if you have 10 minutes here and there to move your body this holiday season – do it! If you’re unsure of what to do, decide on a certain amount of time, then pull up a Core Motion Fitness workout and we’ll guide you. Remember, every little bit of movement counts, so rack those minutes add up.


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