Progress not Perfection

Progress not Perfection

Are you feeling the heat?! Summer is near and a new season can inspire us to embrace the change by starting something new. What is one habit you would like to start (or stop) during the month of June?

Remember, mindset plays a powerful role in how successful we are in making lasting change and how we feel about ourselves in general. We challenge you to apply these two approaches:

  • Positive pitch. I have heard that you are the best salesman to yourself. Seriously, we all have that inner voice talking us into (or out of) skipping a workout or whatever tempting thought runs through our mind. So, spin that for good. When you set out on a healthy change, constantly remind yourself of the pros associated with that healthy habit. For example, eating half a plate of veggies at lunch and dinner. Rather than focusing on all of the side dishes you can’t eat because they’re missing a veggie, sell yourself on the sides you can have, plus all of the fiber, vitamins, and minerals that will improve your blood pressure, hydrate your cells, and keep you feeling light instead of bloated. Or brainstorm how you can incorporate veggies into a side dish or entree you already love.
  • Progress, not perfection. We all set goals with the aspiration of meeting them. And with enough consistency, flexibility, and grit, chances are you will arrive. But remember to celebrate the small wins along the way and skip beating yourself up if you don’t arrive flawlessly. Focus on where you were when you decided to make a change and acknowledge the progress you have made since. You are valuable and worth celebrating in every season of life and goal achieving journey.


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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