Phone a Friend

Phone a Friend

Okay, friends! If you set a New Year’s Resolution, how is it going? If you didn’t set a goal for the new year, did you choose a word for the year? We recognize that the shiny look and feel of a goal or word might start showing some wear and dullness right about now, so this week, we want to talk about goals and accountability.

Here’s what we know, research shows that when people share their goal or intentions with a supportive person, the likelihood of reaching their goal increases. That’s really cool. When I think about moving from secret, to private, then to public about a goal I am working towards, I immediately accept and allow a supportive person to provide accountability and join the journey with me. And I for one, need to be talking and checking in with someone regularly about any goals that I set for myself. 

Here are some accountability ideas to ponder:

  • Work with a professional. You know yourself the best, so always remember there are nutrition and fitness professionals that are experienced and skilled in helping people reach their goals.
  • Phone a friend. Share your goal with a supportive family member or friend to walk alongside you.
  • Create an accountability chart to post in a popular area of your house: think refrigerator, mudroom, etc. Invite your family to share goals and habits that they would like to work towards and cheer each other on. Or create a family competition or game to keep it going.

What are you working towards and who are you going with?


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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