Pantry Challenge

Pantry Challenge

Is anyone else wondering how we’re already in the month of July?! Crazy. Following the theme of spring cleaning, consider the idea of a summer household task…a pantry challenge.

Can you remember the last time you inventoried, organized and cleaned out your pantry? Me either. It’s probably time, so check your schedule this month and block off a few hours to crank up some tunes, read those expiration dates and meal plan with items that have been eagerly awaiting some delicious TLC.

Fellow Registered Dietitian Nikki Nies has created, “The Pantry Challenge” which outlines the premise and even provides a step-by-step to help you limit food waste, save money, and gather your thoughts for meal planning. You can read her blog post here for details. Additionally, visit the links below to find recipes for commonly found pantry items.

Cooking Light,

Food Network,

Recipes for the week


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