One Thing

One Thing


A new boot camp session means an opportunity to create a rhythm with workouts, but it also means you have a 7-week window to choose one goal to work towards. Emphasis on one. By keeping it simple, this one thing can propel you towards reaching your overall wellness goals and the best part about it is there is no goal too big or too small for this boot camp session. It’s totally up to you!


Think it over and choose a habit that makes sense to you. It doesn’t have to work for anyone else, but you. Since you know yourself best, get creative and consider what’s reasonable to tackle. Some ideas include:


  • Complete at least 3 workouts outside of boot camp (totaling 5 workouts per week)
  • Incorporating physical activity into each workday, ie. stretch breaks, walking meetings, workouts during the day, etc.
  • Limiting/avoiding added sugars in foods and drinks daily
  • Eating a vegetable with every lunch and dinner


The list can literally go on and on with examples, so take a moment to brainstorm and decide what you can do to improve your overall wellness during this next session. Get ready to share it with the group next workout!

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