Nutrition is Science (post #1)

Nutrition is Science (post #1)

It’s March everyone! It’s time to freshen up our perspective about nutrition and take a look at just how it “does the body good.”

Nutrition is a science. By studying it, we dive deeper into how the food we eat affects our body. So, technically, that makes each and every one of us science experiments. Personally, I enjoy trying different styles of eating to feel the effects on my body and decide what approach aligns with my personal wellness goals.

This month, we’d like to challenge you to experiment with your nutrition habits and pay close attention to your results. If this sounds a little out there, don’t worry, we will keep it simple and provide you with a new science experiment weekly to try with us. 

Our Lab Report for Week 1 is below, but personalize this experiment by completing the report yourself as well.

Week 1 Lab Report

Title of Experiment

If I documented my food intake for a week…


Explore and discover the effects that one week of keeping a food journal would have on my health and awareness of my nutrition habits.


Becoming aware of my eating habits would encourage me to eat healthier by promoting weekly planning and prep, so that I have less spur of the moment food decisions and easier access to healthy choices.

Materials and Method

Using a paper journal or app, such as MyFitnessPal, I will keep track of my daily food/drink intake. I will also try three days of adding my food/drink in advance and use the journal as a plan for the day.

Data and Observations

  • My macronutrient distribution and nutrient density is better balanced when I pre-plan my intake for the day. 
  • I eat breakfast consistently on the days that I am working out. 
  • I snack more in the evening on the days that I skip breakfast or lunch. 
  • I follow the protein, carb, veggie template more often than not. 
  • Keeping track of my intake starts off time consuming, but gets more efficient and less tedious as I go, especially knowing that I’m only doing this for a week.


Keeping track of my food/drink habits allows me to look back at the week as a whole and celebrate the big and small wins that I make with my nutrition habits rather than only assuming that I don’t eat healthy enough. It allows me to see trends regarding the habits I’d like to improve and give myself grace by seeing the evidence of balance that I am aiming for…progress not perfection. My food intake is better balanced and more nutritious on the days I pre-plan my intake.


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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