Nutrition for active vs. rest days

Nutrition for active vs. rest days

When we focus on consistently fueling our bodies with wholesome food, we will feel the most benefit of our effort. Yet another area where consistency is key. We also know that consistency in healthy food choices frees us up to have flexibility in our diet rather than striving unrealistically for nutrition perfection. 

Have you ever noticed that your appetite varies based on your physical activity? It’s an observation I hear often from active individuals who are trying to become more aware of their nutrition habits. So if we know that our appetite changing based on our activity is a real thing, then how should our diet look on active days versus rest days? I’m glad you asked. 

Registered dietitian Angie Asche specializes in sports nutrition and is one of the leaders in the field. Angie shares practical and helpful sports nutrition information that can be understood and applied in our every day. Here is an article from Angie about the topic mentioned above. 

Should you eat less on rest days?

So what do you think? How does what Angie shares in the article compare to what you are currently doing?


by Victoria Emmitt RD

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