Nutrition Budget Part 3

Nutrition Budget Part 3

We are wrapping up our nutrition mini series where we introduced a style of eating that uses a Nutrition Budget. We like this approach because it’s easily tailored to every person and incorporates all food groups with a focus on portion sizes or servings rather than calorie counting.

The next example food log we want to share is a CMF Nutrition Coaching Client: 

Breakfast: Overnight oats

Lunch: Curry chicken salad sandwich, raw veggies, apple

Dinner: salmon, wild rice, asparagus, chocolate chip cookie

Snacks: popcorn, mixed nuts

Beverages: water, coffee, and tea throughout the day

The most important part to budgeting well for your daily nutrition needs is to become familiar with categorizing food by group – carbohydrate, protein, fat, and fruit and vegetable. Once you know more or less where foods belong, the next step is learning more about portion sizes and what makes sense based on your estimated calorie needs and goals. It’s amazing how intuitive our bodies are since childhood – especially in helping us know how much to eat. Unfortunately though, somewhere along the way we might have complicated our instincts to know how much we should be eating. It happens, so learning about portion sizes is a great skill to have and use throughout our lifetime of various ages and stages. 

We hope you’ve been able to experiment with using the Nutrition Budget approach. And if you have, what do you think? We’d love to hear about it!


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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