Nutrition Budget part 2

Nutrition Budget part 2

Last week, we introduced the idea of a nutrition budget. It’s a unique way of looking at the daily nutritional needs of your body. It can also be a simple and customizable way to plan meals and snacks throughout the day. In order for a nutrition budget to become a habit of ease, it’s helpful to be familiar with categorizing food.

When we look at the Nutrition Budget guide we have shared, you’ll notice the categories of food listed. Take a moment to think about the food you ate yesterday and quiz yourself with categorizing the food you ate. If you’re unsure about a particular item, then Google something like, “Which macronutrient does _(your food in question here)_ fall under?”

The next example food log we want to share is Coach Victoria’s: 

Breakfast: 1 slice of whole grain toast with avocado, tomato, and Everything Bagel seasoning, ½ grapefruit

Lunch: 1 chicken thigh, roasted broccoli and onion, 1/2 c quinoa

Dinner: bowl from Chipotle – ½ brown rice/ ½ pinto beans, steak, fajita veggies, pico de gallo, lettuce

Snacks: ½ grapefruit, date bar

Beverages: water, sparkling water, caffeine-free tea and coffee throughout the day

Our hope is that categorizing food becomes a cinch for you and you’re able to tailor your Nutrition Budget to meet your energy needs and goals. Are there any foods you’re unsure where it belongs? Ask us (or Google) and we’d be happy to help!


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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