Nutrition and Hydration goals

Nutrition and Hydration goals

In keeping with our self-assessment theme, this week, we are pausing and focusing on the quality of our personal nutrition and hydration.

It’s safe to say that most of us “know” what the healthy choice is when it comes to our diet. We also know that we need to drink water for hydration. The confusion and barriers to follow through come into play when we factor in frequency, portion size, emotions, hormones, social habits, etc. As a result, the goal of having the perfect diet would better serve us by a modified nutrition goal that is reasonable, sustainable, and promotes overall health. 

For others of us, the symptom management of a medical condition motivates us to stay the course and eat for health. There is usually still some wiggle room or opportunity for nutritional improvement, but our body does too good of a job telling us when we’ve veered off course with our diet because of the symptoms attached to a medical condition. Thanks for the daily assessment, body.

The reality is healthy eating and proper hydration are tough health habits to maintain for the long haul if nutrition perfection is the goal. So with a balanced diet approach that includes grace and fueling for wellness, we will achieve personalized success.

General healthy eating refresher: Harvard Healthy Eating Plate (and their whole website is loaded with nuggets of nutrition wisdom.)

Hydration refresher: Hydrate Right

So let us pause and self-reflect using a simple scale of 1-5. A rating of one means, “needs improvement” and a rating of five means, “doing great.” 

Today’s question. If I’m honest with myself:

  • How do I rate the quality of my nutrition and hydration habits? 
  • What can I celebrate and be proud of about the way I eat? 
  • What is one thing I can change to improve the quality of my nutrition and hydration?


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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