Must Be Present to Win

Must Be Present to Win

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Take a moment and remember your favorite part of the day. Hopefully there will be plenty more where that came from in the month of December.

As we restart the conversation about holiday priorities, we will highlight some potentials and what they might look like in the weeks ahead. Today, let’s brainstorm what it could look like to prioritize exercise and/or self-care this holiday season.

If we want to make time for what we value, but our schedule and routines are out of the norm with holiday travel, end of year deadlines, winter break, holiday gatherings, etc. then what can you do?

  • Together is better.
    • Group fitness, like boot camp, is a wonderful way to stay motivated and accountable. 
    • A buddy system approach in-person or long distance would work too. Do the inviting or accepting and stick with it.
  • Early sunset and cold weather?
    • Don’t shy away from bundling up and getting outside during the work day. You’ll warm up eventually and your body will love the extra attention this winter.
    • Indoorsy exercise is great too! Visit one of the City’s employee gyms or rec centers, walk inside the Foothills Mall, or pick up a new hobby like indoor rock climbing.
  • Adults need bedtime too.
    • Guard your sleep by staying consistent with your wake up and bedtime. 
    • Sleep hygiene is real. Here are tips to consider for more restful sleep.
  • Must be present to win.
    • If we’re drained, stressed, or distracted we will miss out on the moment and people we’re sharing it with. Be intentional about accepting invitations and making plans to allow for margin in your life. Then utilize this extra time for recharging so that you can actually be present at home and work.

What other thoughts do you have around prioritizing exercise and self-care this holiday season?


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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