Mid Camp Check In

Mid Camp Check In

Hello November and welcome to the midpoint week of boot camp! It’s time to hit pause and self-reflect on your status at the moment. Since the first week of boot camp how would you rate your status in the  following areas:

  • Energy levels
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Stress level
  • Sleep quality
  • Body composition
  • Exercise motivation

Green – “Crushing it!”

Yellow – “Eh, not my best, but not my worst.”

Red – “Whoops! Time to hit refresh and get back at it.”

Those are only a few examples and you might have another way of tracking your progress towards your healthiest self. We’d love to hear your story or lend you a hand if you need momentum. If you’ve ever set out to accomplish something, but the follow-through or roadblocks keep derailing you, it may be an opportunity to ask a family member, friend, or boot camp coach for a boost of support in that area. There is power in numbers, so muster up the courage to share the not-so-great with someone and we hope you’re pleasantly surprised with the response and outcome.  

Exercise/Workout Spotlight: E2MOM Just like the Every Minute on the Minute but longer and better!

Performing longer sets of work with short recoveries will challenge your cardiovascular and muscular endurance in a big way. Not only that, they are scalable to your fitness level, effective, and time efficient.

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