Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

As we wrap up the month of October, it is important to highlight that earlier this month, October 10 specifically, was World Mental Health Day. This year, the focus was placed on suicide prevention and several resources were provided. It’s unfortunate, but likely, that this type of loss hits close to home for you or someone you know. You can find several resources from the World Health Organization here.


While we’re on the topic of mental health, we’d like to recognize the relationship between stress, depression, and the holidays. While celebrations and festivities can be something that many of us look forward to with excitement, others of us can experience a stirring of emotions that include, loneliness, grief, loss, anxiety, stress, depression and more. So what do we do with and about these feelings and how do we recognize if we’re in a funk or clinically depressed or anxious?


The National Alliance on Mental Health has a very helpful article, Taking Care of Yourself. It shares information to understand, protect, recharge, and practice. Additionally, the Mayo Clinic shares, Stress, Depression and the holidays: Tips for coping.


Whether you’re feeling mentally strong or if this post is for you, please take a moment to click around in the links provided to glean tips for your mental health now or in the future. If not for you, the information you learn from these resources may help you support a loved one when the time arises.



by Victoria Emmitt RD

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