Meal Planning “RFP”

Meal Planning “RFP”

Okay, how is it February already?! I don’t know about you, but I’m still getting back into a routine since the holidays. One of the red flags that lets me know I’m not in a routine is when I don’t have meals planned for the week AND the ingredients on hand to make those meals happen. Eek! 

So how do you stop the crazy cycle and get into a rhythm? Take stock of where you’re at and what you have. Literally, take stock as in inventory. Businesses do it and now it’s time to adopt this practice in your home. 

Introducing, “RFP Inventory.” Have you heard of it? Probably not, because I’m not talking about Requests for Proposals – this is different because I just made it up for this. It stands for, “Refrigerator, Freezer, Pantry Inventory,” which is a mouthful, so “RFP” for short. I promise you it’s not as fun as it sounds, but don’t let that stop you from hearing me out. This really is important. 

It’s February, so show your kitchen some love by carving out time to go through your refrigerator, pantry, and freezer to clean them out and while you’re at it, jot down a list of what you have on hand to throw into your meal planning lineup. Plus, it’s cold outside, so there’s no better way to be productive and set yourself up for success. So pump the jams and get after it. I hope you have a “fun” “RFP Inventory” experience!


by Victoria Emmitt RD

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