Mapping Out Your Health Journey

Mapping Out Your Health Journey

Are you or someone you know directionally challenged? I can speak from personal experience about how inconvenient it is to struggle in this area. As a result, I use the “Maps” app almost daily…even here in Fort Collins. Yikes. I share this because a trip in a car and a journey towards best health actually have quite a bit in common when it comes to the process and all of the steps/directions that build on one another to get you to your destination.

Here are a few similarities:

  • Search. You might know what health habit you’re ready to tackle or you might not. The “Search” is a great tool to explore as you discover what you value about your health and decide what you want to set your destination as.
  • From/My Location. This is honestly assessing your status on a particular goal and recognizing your starting point.
  • To. Where do you want to go? What do you want your health goal to be?
  • Routes. Before you get going, survey the options you have to get where you want to be and choose what feels best for you.
  • Go. This is when the magic happens.
  • Detours and re-routing. The journey isn’t always as straight-forward as it looks…and that’s ok. There will likely be some challenges and stumbling blocks, but when you focus on the destination/health goal, remember that every step in that direction is progress and worth building on.

The Maps app allows you to see the trip’s “Details/Overview” or travel using the turn-by-turn mode.They are both helpful in their own way and they also prove to us how important it is to see each direction through to end up where we want to be.

This week, pause and decide where you want to go on your health journey. Once you have your sights set, game plan with steps and habits build on one another and get you where you want to be!


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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