Make Things Happen

Make Things Happen

Happy New Year! We are delighted to start the year off with you in this boot camp session. So let’s jump right into this week’s blog post about goal setting.

“I like things to happen; and if they don’t happen, I like to make them happen.” – Winston Churchill  

I read this and then re-read it because it was almost too simple and direct for my overthinking mind to comprehend. And when I read it the second time, it motivated me – sort of like the sports world’s, “Let’s go!” yell. It’s easily one of the least poetic quotes I’ve ever read, but talk about action-oriented. This quote gets me excited about taking steps, both small and big, towards achieving my best health inside and out.

First thing’s first, what’s your goal during this three week session? You would be selling yourself short if you don’t decide now what you’re aiming for during our time together. While we love fitness, we totally understand if your goal is not an exercise focused goal. There are so many goals to choose from and timeframes of which to aspire, so for the purposes of today, let’s focus on the month of January. Dream big and aim small – let’s snowball effect our goals in 2021.

Decide on your goal. Really decide. Right now, choose what you’re aiming for – personally, professionally, financially, relationally, health-wise-ally. If it’s a big goal, that’s great. Go big or go home, right? If it’s a goal you can’t achieve or accomplish in three weeks, then multi-level bullet your goal to focus on the process of getting there. For example:

  1. Eat healthy
    1. Plan and prep weekly
      1. Saturday: come up with meal ideas to prep/cook for the week
      2. Sunday: grocery shop and meal prep Monday’s breakfast and lunch
    2. Limit eating out to two meals per week
    3. Eat breakfast everyday
    4. Pack a snack to eat before boot camp
    5. Use the Harvard Healthy Eating Plate model every lunch and dinner
    6. Keep a daily food journal

You get the picture. Break things down to tasks and habits that will help you measure progress towards your goal. If you’re not sure what goal to choose, start a journal of your activities of daily living. Recording your habits (nutrition exercise, time management, self-care, etc.) and assessing the health of your adulting (finances, work, relationships, time management, emotions, etc.) can be a great practice at the start of the year to shape and influence where you’re headed before it’s November and you’re wondering where time and your health have gone.

A goal is great to have, but the process and steps along the way are what will change your life. Over the next three weeks, what if choosing one or some of the multi-level bullets of your big goal is enough to help you gain the confidence and momentum needed to make things happen for you this year or lifetime? Are you up for the Winston Churchill challenge? Tell us what you decide. We’d love to hear about what you’re working towards and high five you along the way.

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