Make Every Bite Count

Make Every Bite Count

The goal of having a balanced lifestyle, including our food and movement habits, evolves over time. Various ages and stages of life mean different nutritional needs for our bodies. When you’re able to find the diet and exercise habits that work best for your body, it is a glorious feat. Keeping up with those habits can sometimes be the other side of the story.

We’ve shared the progress over perfection mindset and that perspective certainly carries into finding and maintaining balance for your healthiest self. We probably all know from personal experience that being too rigid and expecting perfection can be exhausting if we’re aiming for the long-term, like a lifestyle. So, we subscribe to the idea of balance and use an 80/20 model as the goal. This means 80% of the time we’re eating and drinking the nutritious choices for our bodies, while the remaining 20% is left for flexibility of the not-so-nutritious foods and drinks we enjoy for a variety of reasons.

If we’re shooting for the 80/20 model, then making every bite of the 80% count becomes a great and more reasonable goal. So what does that mean or even look like? Here is an infographic that shares tips regarding key nutritional areas. Look it over and decide what information is most impactful or helpful to you.

So what can you do this week to make every bite count?


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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