Long Term Consistency Trumps Short term intensity

Long Term Consistency Trumps Short term intensity

Are you a sprinter or a long distance kind of person? Maybe you wouldn’t classify yourself as either.

Most people are sprinters, whether it’s with exercise or eating healthy or some other goal. They are all in for a week, but then one bad day and they’re done. What does it take to run your race at a steady pace, allowing for hang ups, but staying with it and seeing it through til the end?

I have made the decision that I’m all in on this clean eating journey for the long haul. Some weeks I have multiple days that don’t look great, and some weeks I’m on track every day. The key is to continue on with your goal in front of you. I’ve made a commitment to myself to be a standard for my family and my clients, and everyday I have to make the choice to follow through, or not. What you eat and how much you move is a choice, choose wisely and often.

I hope you enjoy some of these great recipes, we love rotaing these into our weekly meal plans.

Meal Plan and Recipes

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