Life is full of decisions. Some are straightforward and minor while others are complicated and have major implications. We even make some choices subconsciously, but others can cause headaches and stress because they’re taking up so much thought and energy. Knowing this, it’s not fair to generalize or oversimplify the decision-making process and we know there are certain circumstances beyond our control, but consider this – in a lot of ways we either lead or allow in our life’s decision-making process. Another way to phrase it is that we can take an active or passive role in our life. And it’s not always all or nothing. Maybe in some areas that are of most importance to us or we’re simply forced to be the person who assumes this responsibility – we’re active, but other areas may not carry as much weight in our mind or we’d don’t have to be the point person, so we’re more passive or allow someone else in our life to lead the way for us. That’s the beauty of this – we get to choose…a lot of the time and especially when it’s only about ourselves. 

So, why are we talking about this today? Great question. During the month of May, we want to explore what it looks like to be active and lead our lifestyle. 

Lifestyle*the way in which a person lives. (*not just a category of cute shoes)

Specifically, we want to look at key lifestyle factors that have the power to impact our health and wellness. When we talk about risk for chronic health conditions or the management and prevention of diseases, we hear the same lifestyle factors mentioned:

  • Diet
  • Physical activity
  • Tobacco and alcohol use

This month, let’s focus on the LIFE that we want to live and the STYLE of living that promotes the quality of life that we are aiming for. 


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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