Keep on Movin’

Keep on Movin’

Thanksgiving week has a variety of looks this year. Staying home or keeping it immediate doesn’t have to mean sedentary or still. If you need to shake things up a bit with your family or household, consider the tips below to keep spirits high and bond through movement:

  • Clean up your language. We’re not talking about cursing here, but instead consider your audience and their attitude towards exercise. For some, the word “exercise” is a bad word, so consider talking up “movement, games  – tag/hide and seek/races, activities – geocaching/hiking/biking/contests.”
  • Bursts over hours. A great way to keep things light and fun is to choose activities and movement that happen in small chunks of time over the course of the day instead of designated and structured hour long workouts. Breakfast burpees, crab walks to the mailbox or mailbox relays (each person races to the mailbox to remove one piece of mail at a time), playing catch in the afternoon, neighborhood walks, etc.
  • Group ex videos. If your household enjoys working out, pull up a group exercise video or app and get your sweat on together. Take turns selecting the workouts to change things up.
  • Dance parties. Find a playlist and dance the night away or knock out household chores while you move. Kick the fun up a notch with the element of surprise by notifying your family that anytime a family member plays a song throughout the day, everyone drops what they’re doing and just dances. If you’re feeling especially workout-y, find a dance workout video online.
  • Attend the Thanksgiving Core Motion Fitness outdoor workout. Holiday workouts are a fantastic way to wake up your body for food and festivities, release those great endorphins, and set the tone for a wonderful and grateful day.

Workout/Exercise Spotlight: Fitness Assessment

We value setting goals and measuring progress. One of the best ways to assess where you are and your path to getting there is our fitness assessment. 

The University of Richmond shares:

A fitness assessment is a valuable tool used to establish baseline measurements and can be used to monitor your performance and assess your progress throughout your exercise training.

Read more here.

by Victoria Emmitt RD

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