Jump In

Jump In

We’ve got a riddle for you. There are four frogs sitting on a log at the edge of a pond. Three of them decided to jump in. How many frogs are left sitting on the log? 

The answer is four because deciding to do something and actually doing it are two entirely different things. You have signed up for boot camp and now have this week’s workouts under your belt. Give yourself a high five because that my friend is taking action. 

Next in the lineup is zeroing in on small goals that will propel you towards your best health this year. After determining your goal and motivation, there will be plenty of small steps to get you there. Take a moment to map those out, then determine personal boundaries that will enable you to be successful. Boundaries are just like guardrails on busy roads, they protect you and keep you on track. They also empower you to be active rather than passive in areas that are in your control. To help you determine healthy boundaries in the realm of fitness and nutrition, here are 12 Registered Dietitian Approved Strategies for Healthy Food Boundaries:

  1. Don’t forbid your favorite foods.
  2. Turn indulgences into an occasion.
  3. Pause.
  4. Don’t deprive yourself.
  5. Eat for satisfaction, not fullness.
  6. Enjoy the experience.
  7. Find ways to compromise.
  8. Be ready to bounce back.
  9. Keep kryptonite foods out of sight.
  10. Opt for one indulgence at a time.
  11. Pre-portion foods.
  12. Make healthier options easy.

Once you decide on your small goals and helpful boundaries for yourself, consider an end of day, self-check in. Honestly assess how you are doing and feeling about the progress towards your goals. Here is a simple rating system:

  • Green – “Crushing it!”
  • Yellow – “Eh, not my best, but not my worst.”
  • Red – “Whoops! Time to hit refresh and get back at it.”

CMF Challenge: You know yourself best, so based on your current habits, choose one nutrition goal and one lifestyle goal to work towards during the month of February. We will remind you to self-assess and make adjustments as needed along the way. Time to jump in!

By Victoria Emmitt RD

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