How to feel full

How to feel full

Even though eating healthy isn’t limited to exclusively eating salads, you might decide to improve your eating habits, but find yourself feeling hungry more than you were before. It’s possible that you may need extra calories if you’re fueling with nutritious, but low calorie foods, however there may be a transition period for your body’s satiety gauge. In addition to the transition period there are several tips and questions to ask yourself before you go for seconds. 


Here is an article from “Eat This Not That.” While the title is “26 Ways to Eat Less” and the category may be weight loss, there are actually great applications and takeaways that apply to a variety of healthy eating goals. The last several tips are foods to incorporate into your diet and why.


  1. Relax
  2. Beef up your salads
  3. Drink up
  4. Turn off the ‘toons
  5. Perceive larger portions
  6. Cut up your food into smaller pieces
  7. Eat more slowly
  8. Pregame with a salad
  9. Get some shuteye
  10. Stick to solids
  11. Ditch diet
  12. Toss the junk food
  13. Say “no” to fat-free
  14. Pass on the MSG
  15. Say sayonara to sugar

      16 – 26. Foods to stock up on


The most encouraging piece of the article in my opinion, is that you don’t have to apply (or even agree with) all or the majority of these tips to notice a difference. Choose one or some and make them your focus or priority. Then take note of the impact it has on your day to day fullness and feeling.




By Victoria Emmitt RD


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