Health: Relationships

Health: Relationships

One of the most interesting parts about meeting with people to discuss their health is learning about their story. When we learn about someone’s day-to-day life, experience and history with diet and exercise, explore lessons learned in childhood, family history, and more, we gain a more complete picture of all of the relationships that have impacted a person’s health.

This week, we would like to encourage you to revisit how you rated your overall health. Once we know how you feel about the quality of your health and your overall perception of the importance of health, we have a few questions for you to consider:

  • Can you identify three of your current health-related habits and label each as a positive or negative impact on your health?
  • What is one childhood lesson about food that is ingrained in your memory? Do you think it has positively or negatively impacted your relationship with food? 
  • Is there a specific diet or workout program that you have participated in that affected your perspective on healthy eating or exercise?

Health is as intertwined as it is important we hope you will continue considering all of these little things that impact your health.


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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