Health Gracious

Health Gracious

Last week, we asked you to pause and consider what your priority or priorities will be this holiday season. If we don’t check-in with ourselves now, we’ll blink and it will be 2024. So whatever you have decided your number one priority to be this holiday season, the first application we want to share is about being “health gracious.”

You have probably heard of the term, “health conscious.” As a refresher, it means: concerned about how healthy one’s diet and lifestyle are. Since we’re setting out to live our next few weeks incredibly mindful of our priorities, it would also make sense to take stock of our current status and how the priority of focus will benefit us. 

That’s where the “health gracious” attitude comes in. “Gracious,” means courteous, kind, and pleasant. I read in an article, “A gracious person will be thankful for her opportunities and possibilities and this feeling of happiness or satisfaction leads to appreciation.” Pretty interesting.

Now the application: as we countdown to Thanksgiving, let’s listen to the “table talk” in our head. 

  • Are we being gracious about all that we are doing to care for ourselves and the habits and abilities that we are living out instead of the ones we see on social media or out and about? 
  • How do we talk to ourselves about our bodies, our relationship with food and movement, our current health status, our mental health, etc? Would you say the same things you think to yourself out loud to another person? Remember, feelings are good indicators, but they’re not always true.
  • On the flip side, are there any health realities that we might be avoiding that need to be addressed sooner rather than later? 
  • How does your holiday priority benefit your overall health?


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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