Have your Cake and Eat your Veggies too.

Have your Cake and Eat your Veggies too.

As we wrap up our conversation about holiday priorities, let’s touch base about this biggie: being mindful of your eating habits.

While you might have rhythms and routines for meal planning and grocery shopping, the month of December can cause a disruption. It’s likely you have more shared meals with family, friends, and coworkers than usual. And when that happens, meal planning can get a little more challenging.

Here some ways to prioritize your nutrition this month:

  • Schedule a weekly check-in. During this time, assess the week ahead and do your best to predict the who, what, when, and where of your meals and snacks. 
  • Game plan with the week ahead in mind. While grocery shopping in bulk might be your norm, this month might not be the month where that is helpful. To avoid food and financial waste, consider the amounts/quantities of the food you actually need.
  • Water, water, water. Even though it’s not hot outside, our bodies still need a healthy amount of water to function optimally. Make sure you’re making trips to the bathroom and refilling your water bottle/cup.
  • Fuel your body as well as possible. Keep the chaos reasonable and combat holiday stress, fatigue, and illness by giving your body plenty of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, fiber, and all of the good stuff as often as you can. Do this with daily smoothies, produce-rich snacks, and probiotic beverages.
  • Keep office sweets off of the pedestal. They don’t belong up there. As it turns out, most of those desserts are available all year long, so decide how much and how often you are okay with enjoying, then as they call you from the breakroom you can let them know you’ll see them next year! Decide on your dessert balance this month and go with it.

These next few weeks may include more sweet treats and nostalgic dishes than the rest of the year, but trust us, you can have your cake and eat your veggies too!


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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