Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! We’re so excited that you have chosen to kick off 2019 in our boot camp.

You have probably heard the phrase, “New Year, New You.” Think about it for a second and how does that phrase make you feel? Motivated? Discouraged? Confused?! Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of that message. It makes me wonder if something is so wrong with me that I need a new version of myself. I think personal growth and development through goal setting and casting a vision is extremely important. However, could we keep the habits and characteristics that make us thrive and contribute to our personalities then maybe “update” or “enhance” ourselves this new year instead? What’s your take on the phrase?

Before we dive too deep into 2019, do you have a goal or vision for the life you hope to live this calendar year? Using the lens of health, medicine and science have proven time and time again that nutrition and physical activity are crucial. You’re working out at least two times per week for one hour with us at boot camp, plus possibly adding in other workouts and activity into your week. And there’s your diet. Do you feel good about the food you’re fueling your body with?

We’d love to hear about your wellness goals this year and support you as much as we can. Please feel free to share your goals with your boot camp coach and fellow boot campers. There’s strength in numbers and we believe in you!




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