Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We hope you had a great time with family and friends during the holidays. This was probably your first week getting back into the swing of things with work and home life. How did it go? 

Here are a few tips for getting back into healthy pre-holiday routines:

  • Meal and snack planning: grocery shopping (in-person or online) to make the healthy choice easier and accessible by having foods that you want to nourish your body with at home.
  • Schedule workouts: plug your physical activity into your schedule to make it a priority.
  • Reset your body with optimal sleep: think regular wake up and bedtime.
  • Take some time for yourself: set aside moments to enjoy your hobbies and have you-time. 

What were some of your favorite and healthiest habits before the holidays? Everybody is different, so remind yourself of the routines that worked best for you and kick off this new year implementing each of those habits and brainstorming new ones you would like to try. 


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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