halloween tricks and treats

halloween tricks and treats

Did you know that sources estimate that children eat between 3,500 – 7,000 calories of Halloween candy each year? Wowzers! It’s harder to estimate for adults, who not only buy candy, but also eat, drink, and chill as they pass candy out to trick or treaters. But let’s be real, the candy bowls around the office are dishing out sweetness all year long. Workplace candy bowls aside, you know yourself best and can probably imagine your calorie count might not be pretty on Halloween especially.


Halloween kicks off festivities and celebrations that are fun, but tend to alter our usual eating (and drinking) habits. Since we know that balanced eating is key for a healthy lifestyle, let’s focus on what we can do this Halloween to stay health conscious and start things off on the right foot.


Most Halloween posts target children’s health because of the sugar overload, but many of the most notable points actually double as tips for adults. Here are a few tips to promote a healthy Halloween (my own personal comments are in parentheses below – the article linked has more information about each). 


  • Buy Candy for Trick-or-Treaters at the Last Minute (otherwise it will be calling your name before it’s showtime)
  • Set the Ground Rules (with yourself and kids)
  • Fuel First (just like grocery shopping hungry is never a good idea)
  • Take a Small Bag (similar to the smaller dinner plate concept)
  • Seek Out Alternative Treats (yes, there are other treats that aren’t candy)
  • Steer Kids Away From Stickies and Sours (steer yourself away too, your teeth will thank you)
  • Serve a Healthy Chaser After Candy (not that kind of chaser…think water guys)
  • Trade In the Candy (the Switch Witch is genius)
  • Stash the Loot (out of sight, out of mind)

As always, talk to your fellow boot campers and coaches about strategies that work great for you or questions about what works for others. Remember, you’ll never be “boo-ed” at boot camp. We’re on your team and can’t wait to see what you do for your fitness and wellness this session.



by Victoria Emmitt RD

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