April showers bring May flowers, buuuuut they don’t bloom overnight. Similarly, positive daily habits executed with consistency can yield big, healthy results. Plus, it’s nice to know there are a variety of ways to track wins when it comes to your health and well-being.

This week, we will focus on the little things by selecting one to three habits from our list below. We challenge you to take your pick and assess your satisfaction with your follow through and routines in these areas. Check in with yourself on day one, then again at the end of the week to see how it went.

Daily Menu of Habits

Use the red, yellow, green rating system to decide where you stand regarding each of the habits you have selected, then reassess your progress and follow through.

  • Green – “Crushing it!”
  • Yellow – “Eh, not my best, but not my worst.”
  • Red – “Whoops! Time to hit refresh and get back at it.”


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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