Habit Inventory

Habit Inventory

You’ve probably heard of a pantry and refrigerator inventory. Along those lines, here’s a new one…a habit inventory. The idea is that we take stock of the habits in our lives then decide which ones we’d like to stick with or are overdue for tossing out. This practice will allow us to reflect and game plan for the next few months. 

An easy way to set this up is to grab a pen and paper or notes page on your device. Create a pros and cons list then start jotting down habits that are for or against your best overall health or goal of your choice. 

Then resolve to disrupt and replace any habit/s that appear on your cons list. An article by ACE shares:

If you always have a bowl of ice cream while watching television at night, simply sitting down to watch a show at night can create the craving. Disrupt the habit by replacing it with healthier behavior. For example, you might brush your teeth before you sit down or eat a breath mint. Anything that disrupts and delays the automatic response (eat the ice cream) to the stimulus (sitting on the couch) can trigger your ability to consciously control your behavior rather than letting it be automatic.

If you need support, encouragement, or accountability as you pick off these habits that aren’t serving you, let us know and we’re ready to coach you through the process. You can do this, one habit at a time!


By Victoria Emmitt

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