Good Foods Bad Foods

Good Foods Bad Foods

We have been talking a lot about our mindset and perspective as they relate to our diet and view of food and general. Making the shift from good and bad foods to nutritious and balanced can be a big leap, but nevertheless, an oh-so-important one. 

Now, let’s take a moment to check-in regarding our perspective on exercise. I can remember back to elementary and talking too much during PE class, then having to run laps as a consequence. Ooops. Fast-forward to adulthood, have you ever eaten more “x” food than you wish you would have and then told yourself that as a result you better drop and knock out burpees or punish yourself on the treadmill, etc.? Anything along those lines of using exercise as a punishment or consequence can become a slippery, negative slope for your well-being and motives for best health. 

Sure, physical activity and moving our body burns those extra calories, but rather than view exercise as a punishment, consider the healthy habit of moving our body for overall health, a much better reason “to move it, move it.”

And do you know what else? You’re not a bad person if you snack later at night than you intended, attend a few social events in a week that result in eating out more than normal, or skip the veggies every now and then. True story. It happens. What matters more is how you talk yourself back into quickly finding a healthy balance and routine to keep you trending towards your best health.

Remember that physical well-being is important and exercise isn’t a punishment or consequence. It’s a healthy habit that when coupled with nutritious eating, we all strive to find rhythm and enjoyment in.


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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