Flexibility-Tap into your Superpower

Flexibility-Tap into your Superpower

By now, you have probably realized that, “Practice makes perfect,” would be better phrased, “Practice makes progress.” While perfectionism is often restrictive and not to mention unattainable, the latter perspective enables us to roll with the punches and make adjustments when we’re striving to live a healthy lifestyle. 

In light of the, “Practice makes progress,” approach, this week, we’re encouraging you to focus on flexibility. Just as muscles can be stretched to allow more range of motion, having flexibility in our attempts to live a healthy lifestyle can yield more freedom along the journey. Bouncing around during a stretch can cause more damage than good, so instead, hold your position for a period of time to be safe and effective. Interestingly, the same principle can be applied when building healthy habits. 

Choose an area of focus. Decide on the habit that you would like to start or stop. Then dedicate time to holding to that goal. The consistency of doing that on a regular basis will strengthen your habits and provide you more freedom as the habit becomes a default instead of a chore. 

Take for example a focus on nutrition. If your goal is to reduce the number of meals you eat out instead of prepare at home then:

  • Decide to meal prep your breakfast and lunches on a weekly basis. (You can aim to meal prep all three of your meals when you’ve succeeded with one or two meals, then use that momentum to add another meal to your meal prep list.)
  • Make those planned meals and take them to work with you.
  • Drive a new route home after work to avoid temptation if you habitually hit the drive through or curbside pick-up at your go-to restaurants.
  • Be flexible. When our team decides to have a meeting at a restaurant or you’re invited to a celebratory dinner or happy hour, enjoy the time to socialize with your group. 
  • Be flexible. Rather than throw in the towel because you ate out, ensure that your next meal after the outing is home prepared to stay the course.
  • Save your meal prep/planning lists to reuse later and share with a boot camp friend.
  • Be flexible. After a couple of weeks, pause and evaluate your progress. Should you continue this game plan to reach your goal, add to approach, or pivot and try something new altogether? 
  • Be flexible. Even if you decide it’s time to try something new, it’s not a failure, it’s being flexible to allow yourself to adjust and give it another go.

Stretch regularly and remember that flexibility is a superpower. Tap into yours today!


By Victoria Emmitt RD

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